Lessons/ Classes

Private 1:1 Lessons
$85 per hour

Group 1:6 Arm Rockets Class
$240 for 1x per week

Golden Spikes Pitching Coach Alex Creel will be offering 1:1 individual classes for any student effective October 7th. There will be 1:1 options available Monday through Friday for a duration of 1 hour per session. These sessions start with a brief warm-up session and then individualized instruction for the remainder of the session.

Coach Alex Creel will also be running classes for 6 students per class and they will run for a duration of 2 hours. Since we have 3 mounds, your player will have a partner that he will train with for the class and he will get all if not more of the throwing that he got in an individual 1 hour lesson. Classes will be $240 for 1x a week per month. 

These classes are only for pitchers/throwers that want to really learn the ins and outs of a healthy and efficient throwing lifestyle. No refunds will be given , yet shifting from one class to another might be permitted if their is a scheduling conflict, but only upon my approval.

What the class will include:
• Mindset Videos/Readings
• Full Body Wake Up/ Warm Up
• Resistance Tubing
• Wrist Weight Program
• Shoulder Tube Program
• Velocity Testing
• Command Testing
• A Cool Down Process for their Arm
• A "Heat Seeking Velocity" Workout that entails the specific movements in their delivery
• An individual throwing program that targets the inefficiencies in their delivery